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The Adventure Race Japan present a myriad of benefits to the individuals participating, and to the companies they represent.

⇒ Unlock your potential and gain a real sense of achievement
⇒ Business networking over several days
⇒ Build partnerships with colleagues and clients
⇒ Reinvigorate yourself and your team.

The Dragon Races provide an opportunity for participants to set themselves a challenge reflective of their fitness abilities and inclination. It is an opportunity to reach new heights physically and mentally, to gain a sense of achievement and to be a contribution towards seafarers internationally.

There will be countless opportunities to network and build partnerships in an informal and fun setting, whether that is on the slopes and hills of the course, or during the post-race drinks and evening festivities that have been organised throughout the challenge weekend.

Crucially as a company, by supporting your teams to take part, you will enjoy the benefits of showcasing your brand between now and May 2023. Both via association to key leaders in the maritime industry and through the Mission’s international updates and publications promoting the challenge.

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