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Each competitor must carry the items outlined in the mandatory safety standard list, in addition to a number of items required by each team.

These will be checked before you start. There will be checkpoints along the route where these items will be checked, and for safety reasons points will be deducted if items are missing. Please find below a list of the mandatory and recommended safety items that you will need. Participants may decide to bring additional items depending on their individual preferences.

Each individual is responsible for carrying his/her own equipment and clothing for the challenge, appropriate to the climate, conditions and activities. There will be a Fuelling Station in the breakfast area where participants can create their own bags with snacks each morning, however competitors may choose to bring additional food, or specific gels. We recommend that each participant carries at least 3 litres of water with them each day. Please note that there will be emergency water/snack stations on the challenge route.

Please note that individual and team packs will be checked before the Race Start. It is essential for your safety and that of your team that you ensure you have all the necessary safety equipment in particular. We represent an industry which puts safety at its heart and we ask you to follow the same principles during this event.

Download the mandatory gear checklist
Mandatory gear for each competitor (one set per individual participant)
  • Trail running shoes or hiking shoes for Green Dragon (it is important that these are not new). Important point is that normal “running shoes for road running” are not suitable as the mountain road surface can be muddy and slippery.
  • Cell phone (ability to make local calls)
  • Travel insurance – Foreigners/ Insurance Card- Japanese Residence
  • Raingear
  • Backpack – with capacity to hold 1L of water. You may consider camel pack or MY-CUP which is environmentally friendly and easily filled.
  • Food – Easy to eat and access snacks (gels, chocolates, energy bars).
  • Whistle
  • Emergency blanket (lightweight, Mylar-type material, thermal)
  • Cap
  • Large plastic bag (large bin liner/ garbage bags can also be used to keep you warm
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Towel (for day 2 paddleboarding)
  • Suncream

Note –  You will be provided with a Running Jacket which is lightweight and showerproof.

Mandatory gear for each team (one set per team)
  • Basic Outdoor challenge First Aid kit including blister packs, Anti-blister lubricant (e.g. Hydropel), bandages, hand gel, disposable gloves etc.
Suggested but not mandatory items
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Dry bag for all gear (Ziploc bags will work)
  • Hydration pack
  • Sunglasses with retention strap
  • Extra clothing (light weight shirt layer, neck warmer, socks.)
  • Small pack of tissues
  • Bathing suit/change of clothes for paddleboarding
  • Breakfast – a hearty breakfast will be provided on all three mornings.
  • Trail Food – Some snacks will be provided but you may wish to bring some of your own.
  • Finish Line – Food will be provided at the end of the Trail runs on both days
  • Hotel – the hotel will serve food for those finishing early