The Adventure Race Japan is being organised by The Mission to Seafarers who are on call day and night, 365 days a year, to 1.89m seafarers in over 200 ports worldwide. Read more

Event Information

The MtS Adventure Race Japan is our first bespoke adventure race to take place in Asia.

Seafarers often work in very dangerous situations, experiencing isolation, fatigue, mental and physical health issues, the risk of abandonment, shipwreck, and piracy. During COVID-19 these pre-existing issues have been exacerbated, leading to a critical situation in some cases onboard.

We have designed this race to offer a way for the international shipping community to support the seafarers who keep our global economy afloat. We hope to increase awareness and funds for our work as an international maritime charity, and one of the largest providers of seafarers’ welfare support worldwide and in the APAC region.

Your team

Teams will consist of three competitors, 18 years or older, who must start and finish the race together. MtS welcomes all individuals—regardless of athletic ability—to participate. This presents a great opportunity for team building within your company.

Dragon Races

There will be two options to participate, both challenges will include a trail race on Day 1 and 2, team building challenges, and a water element.

The Green Dragon Race is designed for those participants who would like to walk much of the trail. This trail will be demanding and will include a 9.6km hike on Day 1, followed by an 8.6km hike on Day 2.

The Black Dragon Race is for those participants who would like to run the trail. Starting with a 17.9km trail run, with increased elevation, on Day 1, followed by an 6.8km run on Day 2.

Please note that the course details are being developed and more information will be released nearer the event date. Refer to The Course in The Race section for additional details.

Fundraising Challenge

As raising awareness and raising funds for seafarers are at the heart of the Adventure Race, MtS encourages all teams to embrace the fundraising element of this event. We ask you to raise a minimum of US$5k per team, though some teams may aspire to more. There will be a prize for the team which raises the most money.

Qualifying for an Adventure Race Japan (ARJ) Award will be based on both your team’s performance during the race AND your fundraising goal.

Please read our Statement of Intent here.