The Adventure Race Japan is being organised by The Mission to Seafarers who are on call day and night, 365 days a year, to 1.89m seafarers in over 200 ports worldwide. Read more

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Hear from our President, HRH The Princess Royal, about why you should take on the challenge.

In the words of the Missions’ Secretary General, Andrew Wright,

Seafarers have been amongst the most heroic of key workers during this pandemic. They have kept vital supplies moving, despite facing unprecedented and often appalling hardships. These have included the crew change issues that have kept so many of them working long beyond their contract ends. And yet, in a recent survey, when asked if they felt valued in their role, only 8% of crew strongly agreed. 28% disagreed, suggesting they did not feel valued at all. This is so sad. “Sea blindness”, as it is often called, has been a reality for a very long time.Andrew Wright – Secretary General, The Mission To Seafarers

By supporting the Adventure Race Japan, you will be contributing towards MtS’s Emerging Port Strategy 2022-26, a more strategic approach to existing operations in Asia and globally. You will be contributing to our frontline work to provide welfare, advocacy, mental health, and family support to these unseen keyworkers of the sea.

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Swire Shipping is pleased to support The Mission to Seafarers. Our Seafarers are the heart of our company; shipping goods around the world since 1872. 2020/2021 have been particularly challenging as we have battled to serve our customers during COVID. In 2022 we are sponsoring the MtS Adventure Race Japan to raise funds for seafarers around the world and to celebrate the challenges they conquer each and every day. Please join us supporting this great cause.James Woodrow – MD, Swire Shipping

Welcome to Japan! First of all. By the time we meet together at the MtS Adventure Race Japan in 2023, we must be embracing the new glory of our industry post pandemic. Just like ports connecting sea and land, our seafarers are connecting shipping and terminal communities. If we don’t support them then who will? If not now, then when? APMT Japan is proud to stand by Mission to Seafarers.Sakura Kuma – CEO, APM Terminals Japan